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I’ve been really thinking about the future of this country and ive decided that a way i can express my views is here where i cant get dragged away by the police and the men in black suits so it seems that all the facts are being ignored now im so fucking frustrated and discouraged because it seems the way things are going the only way to shake ourselves from the shackles of a sinking ship is to burn it to the ground the sinking ship the dead body of which i speak is the great country known as america and let me tell you the water is rising quick  one death one act of bloodshed will result in an opening of the floodgates and america will drown in the blood of its children the world will know more atrocity and more death than ever before a bloodspattered and torn country is what a revolution will leave behind and it is coming fast and unstoppably we need not lay down before it we must stand tall and not let our dreams hopes and aspirations be crushed underneath the governments  heel we cannot let all our forefathers fought lost their lives and paid for in blood we cannot let it slip if anyone remembers or knows what the russian revolution was like prepare for one here and the irish are still fighting for freedom we must also fight and not let them crush us and rub us away as if ewe never existed the ship shall sink and drag us all to our deaths the more we wait for revolution and freedom the bloodier and more terrible it will be gained our blood shall be spilt without care or thought we must rise up and claim what is ours


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